A Knight’s Tale: Tournament & Joust!

July 31-August 4, 9am to 4pm: $350

From 1300 to the end of the 16th century,

Chris Poornew weapons and tactics like the crossbow, long-bows, and the new menace, guns and artillery, challenged the role of the Knight in warfare.

Their position as masters of war was under siege. To hold their place in society and reassert their importance, many turned to tournaments to show off their prowess and horsemanship in the Joust and other contests of arms.

Armor had become increasingly sophisticated and expensive. Mail (chainmail) was gradually replaced by plates of steel that followed the current fashions. Weapons changed, too. In order to defeat these heavily armored warriors, new, nasty tools were developed to smash and pierce their steely shells. While their role in warfare eventually disappeared, the image of the Knight in shining armor has remained.

COME! Strap on your steel and mount your horse, it’s


Learn all about the weapons and armor of the Late Middle Ages, and the Tournament competitions, the rules, and the techniques of the Joust and Two-Handed Sword! Compete with your fellow Knights for honor and glory in the Tournament! There’ll be Sword-fighting, Jousting, and more!

AND…you’ll construct your very own REAL STEEL JOUSTING HELM!

Handle Real Swords and Weapons!viking sword handling oakeshott

And at the end of the week, you’ll get to do something your never gonna do in any other camp on Earth: handle REAL MEDIEVAL SWORDS, and several other weapons: axes, maces, and daggers. Loads of cool stuff. These are NOT REPLICAS.

No waaay!

The swords and other weapons are from 500 to 1000 years old, and you’re gonna hold them in your hand!

Oh yeah, Mom n Dad can come on the last day and handle them, too! And take pictures of you in your shiny new Tournament Helm!

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Ages 7-14


July 31-August 4, 9am to 4pm

Oakeshott Institute, 1035 SE 14th Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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