Adventures in Cold Steel: Oakeshott Summer Camps

For 10 years The Oakeshott Institute has offered summer camps for young Romans, warriors, vikings, and knights, eager to learn through hands-on experience about those earlier ages of history.


Our curriculum

is designed by expert instructors with decades of knowledge and research in the periods. Along with the historical education comes hands-on instruction in the use of ancient arms and armor from expert fencing instructors.

If that weren’t cool enough, they’ll also get the once in a lifetime chance to HANDLE real weapons and artifacts from the period of study. Not replicas, the real deal. Some of our swords are over 3000 years old. And our campers have the opportunity to pick them up and examine them. You cannot get this anywhere else in the world.

From Cardboard to Cold Steel!

Over the years, our brave campers have created many cool projects: weapons, armor, and shields, as well as learning to throw javelins and viking axes, use slings, fire replica trebuchets, fight sword duels, march in shield-walls, and tilt with lances.

In 2017, we are upping the ante! Instead of a handful of craft projects during the week, you’ll be able to create your own,

historical replica STEEL HELMETS or a REAL VIKING SHIELD with a Steel Boss!

No more cardboard!

We’re going COLD STEEL!


And we’re expanding our camps back to three awesome choices! Come to one, or come to them all!

Vikings to Valhalla!

Grab your spears and board a dragon-ship on a voyage to honor and glory as a Viking Pirate of the North Sea! Duel with your fellow Vikings, battle with spear and shield, and sail home with tons of tribute from the Lands of the Franks, and the Anglo-Saxons! July 17th-21st. Read more here…

Siege and Holy War!

Arm yourselves in mail and helm, grab your lance and sword and journey into the Age of Holy Wars! Learn about crusades, jihads, grueling sieges, and searing hot battles in the deserts of the Holy Land. July 24th-28th. Read more here…

A Knight’s Tale: Tournament & Joust!

Strap on your shinning plate armor, grab your mace, your axe, and your sword, but don’t forget your horse and lance! Get ready for a Tournament of Knights in the Age of Chivalry! July 31st-August 4th. Read more here…

Camps are for youth, ages 7-14 and run from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday in July and early August. Check each camp for specific dates.

Spots are Limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

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