Vision of Our Founders: Ewart & Sybil

The Oakeshott Institute was founded by Ewart Oakeshott and his wife Sybil Marshall with the purpose of furthering research and education in the field of ancient arms and armor. Ewart’s life long study of weapons and armor helped revolutionize our understanding of Medieval culture.

Ewart Oakeshott

Sybil Marshall & Ewart Oakeshott

He loved sharing his knowledge in this field and combined with the commitment to education Sybil and he shared inspired a desire for their work to continue into the future. Thus The Oakeshott Institute a 501c(3) nonprofit education and research Institute was formed, with the objective of supporting research and distributing the information to as wide an audience as possible.

The Institute maintains a study collection of artifacts centered on The Oakeshott Collection. This is supported with extensive research material allowing scholars and the public to understand and appreciate the historical value of this area of study. This strong foundation allows the development of curriculum, lecture materials, and the unique experience of interacting with historical pieces for scholars and the public, a major goal of Ewart and Sybil’s intention for their collection.

The Institute partners with existing institutions, museums and private collectors to increase the public’s access to original artifacts and expand interpretation of these pieces from our past. We actively work with young people, community groups, schools and scholars to bring history alive and fulfill the vision of Ewart and Sybil.