Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante By Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo

A transcription and translation by Eric Myers and a history by Steve Hick Updated 4/2/2012 New Revised Edition- Further refinements and clarity in the translation and interpretation of this work on the Two Handed sword. This article presents a full translation of the Memorial of the Practice of the Montante, a manuscript on the use […]

The 1831 Pattern British General Officers Ivory Hilted Scimitar

By Peter Busch Generals and Field Marshals for that matter, had historically been considered somewhat of a law unto themselves. With their rank in the military this is hardly surprising, and in a bygone age when greater leeway in personal dress and accroutrement was tolerated, it is not surprising that these ranks within the military […]

masquerade ball

Halloween Masquerade Ball: Benefit for The Oakeshott Institute

Come and join us for a Halloween masquerade ball to benefit the Oakshott Institute. The event will be held at the Oakshott Institute headquarters, a highly apropos former church in the Como neighborhood of Minneapolis that was built in 1886. The evening will feature a costume ball, cash bar, appetizers, and the chance to mingle […]

metalurgy european armor

Some Aspects of the Metallurgy and Production of European Armor

By Craig Johnson, first published in the Armored Proceedings Symposium Notes, 1999. The metallurgical study of armour and weapons has taken some major steps forward in the last ten to twenty years. This information has been published in several journals and reports but in a fairly dispersed manner which is difficult for the general interest […]

sword blade hardness

Sword Blade Hardness: a Look at the Current Research

Sword Blade Hardness: A look at the current research An article by Craig Johnson A bladesmith The possible variables in composition for any given sword blade are often so numerous that they defy counting. It is now understood that this variation is the result of attempts to produce a blade that solves material and design […]